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Air Zephyr series AZ06

Air Techmax is one of the eminent Industrial & Commercial Air Cooler Manufacturers in Haryana, offering an exclusive range of air coolers. Spending summers without air coolers is unbearable due to the constant rise in temperature. To beat such blazing heat, air coolers are the best and most highly reliable options to go for. We are known to provide high-performing air coolers with multiple features to offer complete comfort during the summer season.

With the constantly evolving technology, we have incorporated upgraded technology in our air coolers. It helps in offering effective cooling in less time without waiting for hours. From the framing and body of the air cooler to the motor used in them, we ensure that all the components are of excellent quality. Our experts take proper care in choosing the parts of the air coolers so that there is no scope for poor and unreliable performance. It helps us satisfy our customers with the purchase of the right kind of air coolers. At Air Techmax, we manufacture air coolers for both residential and industrial use. We have a vast and fully equipped production plant where we manufacture a wide gamut of air coolers. We do proper research to add technologies that can make our air coolers long-lasting and highly efficient.

Being one of the leading industrial and residential Industrial & Commercial Air Cooler Manufacturers in Haryana, we are known to produce energy-efficient air coolers, which are in high demand. We are focused on manufacturing environmentally friendly air coolers that are manufactured with less carbon footprint. To offer advanced air cooling, we supply air coolers with technologies like ice chambers, temperature control, and air swing.

Why choose Air Techmax Air Coolers?

Being an ISO-certified air cooler manufacturing organization, Air Techmax is known to supply exceptional quality air coolers. The cutting-edge technology, robustly built, energy saver feature, and impeccable performance of our air coolers make them the most desired air coolers. As one of the Best Industrial & Commercial Air Cooler Manufacturers in Haryana, we test our air coolers for performance and quality before supplying them. Our air coolers are available with tanks of different capacities according to their type. All our air coolers have a long life, and we are supplying them with a guaranteed warranty.

Be it residential air coolers or industrial air coolers; all our air coolers are available at cost-friendly prices. With the ability to manufacture air coolers in bulk, we are able to fulfill the high demand for air coolers with ease and on time. Our experts are always there to assist one in choosing the right air coolers and helping people understand the functioning of air coolers.