ATM Alpha AA253P


Air Alpha Series


Largest Airflow (m3/h) 25000
Air Outlet Direction Down
Engineering noise (dB) ≤78
Net weight (KG) 70
Operating range -20◦C~55◦C
Motor insulation I protection level F/IP64
Voltage I frequency (V/Hz) 380/50
Power (Kw) 1.5
Current (A) 3.3
Controller / air volume mode LCD panel / remote control / 1 speed
Body length /width /height (mm) 1080/ 1080/ 1270
Mounting foot size (mm) 970 x 970
Dimensions of fianged outlet (mm) 670 x 670
Inlet pipe diameter (mm) Φ20
Sewage pipe diameter (mm) Φ32
This pipe blowing distance (m) 40
Direct air supply distance (m) 28
Evaporation rate (%) ≈92


Suitable area (m2) 150-200
Fault code prompt
Fully automatic operation mode
Refrigeration settings
Ventilation setting
Manual cleaning settings
Left and right auto swing setting
Automatic blowdown setting (default 8 hours) 0~72 hour/time
Temperature limiting switch setting
Moisture limit setting
Automatic call recovery operation
UV sterilization (20 minutes off automatically)